Francesco Stefanelli

International Business Manager | PhD


Follow your dreams“.

That is what I reminded in the Summer of 2019. Literally re-vamping me to aim to what I have been started a long ago. Job, Industry, Location: I changed everything to follow my dream.

Therefore, I moved in New York City, joining the M&A Restructuring space, with Deloitte M&A US.

– Working both in pre-Deal and in the post-Deal phases
– Cross-Sector involvement (mainly TMT, LSCH and Consumer), with strong focus in the Private Equity
– Serving Global Fortune 500 Players


Sometimes dreams come true.

After TOEFL Test (ETS, Milano), I was definitely encouraged by Nobuyuki Tamaru (JMA Director, Tokyo) and Jim B. Rice (MIT, Boston) to start a PhD at the same time of Consulting. I decided to start the path at UNIVPM of Ancona.
My Research Activity has been mainly developed in the United States of America, at Boston MIT.

Some achievements:

– Executive Track in Industrial Eng. at UNIVPM, 1st in the School History
– Double Ph.D Title with Dean Merit
– Involved in a Supply Chain Strategy Project for Intel Company
– Lecturer, Supply Chain Adaptability, GC-LOG MIT Scale Network Program


– awarded with: “Driving Strategic Advantages” (MIT-CTL, for Executives)
– awarded with a pass for  “Crossroads 2014” Conference, hosted by MIT-CTL
– MIT-CTL Dept. joined as Official in my PhD European Committee
– awarded  with US Green Card, being recognized as “National Interest Resource” in 2019

Papers, Publications, Interviews, Lectures and Mentions:

Financial Times (here), MIT-CTL Journal (here), the New York Times (here), the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore (Future Tense, 3rd edition, Dec.2015 – here), L’espresso (here), Industry Week (here), Leadership&Management Magazine (download the article here), IESM 2015 Official Proceedings (JMAC Europe re-published internally, here), Supply Chain Management Review (July 2017 – here), European Business Review (magazine details are enclosed here), Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems (details are enclosed here), ISPI online (details, here), 6th IESM Management Conference (IESM 2015), “Industry 4.0: Advanced Manufacturing Strategies” Conference (Milan, Fall 2015, look at the brochure, here), NZZ (Milan, Spring 2016here), FutureMakers Seminar: “Liquid Business” (Ancona, September 2017 – Infos here), Wired Digital Day 2021 (you can find the Program here), the Huffington Post (full article here).


IEEE 2018 International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT (Brescia, April 2018, look at related info here), “International Journal of Lean Six Sigma” (Glasgow, UK, since Sept. 2019, for further detail click here – Editorial Member since 2021).


In Spring 2017 I decided to try a new exciting experience with Ariston Thermo Group.

Ariston Thermo Group is a rising Global Company in the Thermic Comfort Industry,  operating in the entire World with >30 Production Plants and >150 Sites.

My role in few lines:

– Supply Chain Finance.
Designed & Headed Global Working Capital Reduction Program at Group level (EU, APAC, NAFTA areas). Improved >10 M€ working capital at year 1, as main highlight.
– Operations/Global Supply Chain Areas.
Performance Improvement Program Supervisor across selected manufacturing plants & logistics hubs across Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and France.
– Supply Chain Strategy and Digital Transformation.
Footprint activities to support the Operational Due Diligence (M&A Team) and the Technology Roadmap (Strategy Team).


Passion, Proud and Experience – I joined  JMAC Europe, in the 2010 and it was the most exciting period of my life.

7 years recap below:

– Operations/Global Supply Chain Areas

Focus on post M&A activities on Integration, Turnaround and Performance Improvement Systems.
Served >30 different Clients in >55 projects, across >15 industries, being working and living across 5 Countries (Italy, Sweden, France, Seychelles Islands, Spain, Japan).
– Promoted as EM in 2016, as Associate in 2015, as Consultant in 2013.
Managed a Team of 4, been trained in Japan.
– Involved as Lecturer and Project Leader in the EMEA Area, in collaboration with profit/no profit players (i.e. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, University of Bologna, Istituto Olivetti) on Supply Chain Strategy and Industry 4.0


After June 2009, I studied IELTS test of English and I achieved the Advanced Level and I became a member of the Italian National Border of Engineers, class A, Sector Industrial Engineering, since that time, it was year 2010.

I was also awarded with a fellowship to attend Economics at ISTAO Business School to pursue an Economic extra-Course.


I have been attending both BSc and MSc in Industrial Engineering from 2003 to 2007.

My final dissertation has been published in the University’s database, and I placed myself in the 93rd percentile.

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