Francesco Stefanelli

International Business Manager | PhD


“Follow your dreams”.

That is what my Mentor reminded to me in the Summer of 2019. And he literally re-boosted my courage to pursue a path I have been started a long ago.

Only constant is change, and this is what I did.
Job, Industry, Location: I changed everything to follow my dream.

Therefore, I moved in New York City, joining the M&A Restructuring and Turnaround Industry, with Deloitte M&A US.


Sometimes dreams come true.


After TOEFL Test (ETS, Milano) and being interested on US Nearshoring topic, I decided to pursue a long journey around Supply Chain Strategy, under the guide of the Japanese Director Nobuyuki Tamaru-san at JMAC Europe.

Attracted by my activities, Prof. Jim Rice from Boston MIT invited me to join his Team so I decided to start a PhD to reach him. PhD started at UNIVPM of Ancona and it had been mainly developed in the United States of America, at Boston MIT.


Some achievements have been listed here below:

-Executive Track in Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Strategy, Agreement with JMAC Europe, 1st in the School History
-Involved in a Supply Chain Strategy Project for Intel Company
-Lecturer, Supply Chain Adaptability, GC-LOG MIT Scale Network Program, hosted by Roberto Perez-Franco


-granted with Supply Chain Strategy Courses: “Driving Strategic Advantages” (MIT-CTL, for Executives)
-awarded with a pass for  “Crossroads 2014” Conference, hosted by MIT-CTL
-MIT became as Official in my PhD European Committee, through an International Agreement

-my work at MIT had finally be awarded in 2020 with US Citizenship by merit (Green Card), being defined as “National Interest Resource”


Papers and pubs:


-Mentions (some highlights): by the Financial Times, here, by the MIT-CTL Journal, here, by the New York Times, here, by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, (Future Tense, 3rd edition, Dec.2015) here, by L’espresso, here.


-Publications (selection): in the Industry Week, here, in the Leadership&Management Magazine, download the article here, in the IESM 2015 Official Proceedings (JMAC Europe re-published internally, here), in the Supply Chain Management Review, (July 2017), here, in the European Business Review, Magazine details are enclosed here, in the Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems, details are enclosed here, in ISPI online (details, here).


-Presentations at the 6th IESM Management Conference (IESM 2015), at the “Industry 4.0: Advanced Manufacturing Strategies” Conference (Milan, Fall 2015, look at the brochure, here).


-Interviews by NZZ, (Milan, Spring 2016), here, at FutureMakers Seminar: “Liquid Business” (Ancona, September 2017). Infos here.
-Speaker at Wired Digital Day 2021.
You can find the Program here.


-Been Reviewer of IEEE 2018 International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT (Brescia, April 2018, look at related info here), of “International Journal of Lean Six Sigma” (Shanghai, China, Sept. 2019, for further detail click here)


So far in 2017 I decided to quit Management Consulting and so I decided to accept an exciting and challenging role nearby Ariston Thermo Group.

Ariston Thermo Group is a rising Global Company in the Thermic Comfort Industry,  operating in the entire World with >30 Production Plants and >150 Sites.


I became the Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Development programs across Plants in Europe, North America and APAC regions, implementing project’s guidelines and managing resources in order to achieve planned results across the Group’s T&I and the Supply Chain Areas.


As listed below, my role is (in summary):

-Supply Chain Strategy.
Footprint improvement in order to evaluate, manage and deliver Global Supply Chain activities in order to support the M&A Strategy Team.
Designed, headed and developed a Global Working Capital Reduction Program at Group level, across EU and APAC areas.

-Operations/Global Supply Chain Areas.
Supervisor of WCM and WCL programs nearby selected plants in Italy, Belgium, Russia and France. Headed the 3PL Partner’s development in Italy (WCL), headed the internal Team, expanded the program from 1 to 5 sites across Europe (WCL).

-Digital Transformation.
From Technology Roadmap, to scouting (nearby funds, startups and suppliers) including field delivery, co-managed projects related to the digitalization/Industry 4.0 of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Group.


I started my Japanese “lean thinking journey” in 2010 Fall – and it has been amazing and memorable: I joined into JMAC Europe, the oldest Japanese Firm in the Management Consulting Industry.


Born in the 1942, JMAC HQ is in Tokyo, but the whole Company operates across more than 10 offices and hundreds of consultants. Milan Office represents the European HQ.


High pressure, multi-tasking view and no-hours schedule made this job hard and rough; even if I have been living fast, I met wonderful people, I learned a lot, I got a sense of satisfaction never had before and moreover I had great opportunities to learn.


Summary of 7 years in JMAC:

-Operations/Global Supply Chain Area.
Served >30 different Clients in >55 projects, across >15 industries, living nearby 5 Countries (Italy, Sweden, France, Seychelles, Spain).
Been working in international teams, also aside JMAC Japan, JMAC Thailand and JMAC Scandinavia. Trained in Italy and in Japan.
-Leveled up twice among Consultant ranges’ (2013 and 2015)
-Leveled up to Manager in the 2016′ fall


After June 2009, I studied IELTS test of English and I achieved the Advanced Level. Then, I prepared the Italian Final Test of Engineering: after 4 steps in Bologna (BO), I have been enrolled as a member of the Italian National Border of Engineers, class A, Sector Industrial Engineering, since that time, it was year 2010.


To enforce Economics, I managed to join the ISTAO Business School, Ancona (AN) with a scholarship support. 

My final internship at ISTAO Business School was at  Consulgroup, Ancona (AN), a medium size Private Equity Fund: I became a “Lean Agent” nearby a backed Company.


I have been attending BSc in Industrial Engineering from 2003 to 2007. 


During MSc, I have been attracted by the “Lean Thinking”, the famous Industrial Management Japanese System.


Therefore, I prepared a long final dissertation, where I could learn directly from the field.


I approached on Supply Chain Management and Operations mainly: results where more than I have been hoping (listed top 7% on AAA 2008-2009) and my work has been published in the University’s database.


Born in Ancona, March 1984, I have been attending the Public Scientific Liceum “Luigi di Savoia”, sited in Ancona (AN).


After a few experiences  abroad (London and Dublin) to study English, I enjoyed Maths competitions such as Math’s Olympics and Bocconi ELEUSI Games.


I left High School with the highest marks, winning the CONI/Panathlon prize 2001 as “student athlete”.


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